Samia Shah
2017-04-15, 19:11
What can I say!... I have many words to describe Kes... Personal Trainer, Teacher,
Nutrition Advisor, Health Guru, I could go on... Kes has a priceless knowledge of
the body and mind...

As a dancer for over 10 years I have not only incurred injuries but I have abused
my body with countless unsuccessful fitness regimes... I have under nourished myself

to stay slim and have tried every diet there is...!

Kes completely changed all of this..... my mind set was the first mission....
He encouraged me to put my health first and switch my obsession from
my weight to mental and physical safety!!!!..... It worked !!!!!!!! My injuries lessened,
energy increased... health improved.... and to top it all off ..... my body was in the
best shape ever! ...... I do believe that Kes has totally masterminded my
transformation and I can honestly prove that his theories, methods and attitude
has changed my life!!!!!!

Samia Shah
2017-04-15, 19:11
For 8 Months, I have been training with Michelle and I thoroughly enjoy it!
I never thought I would ever enjoy exercise or going to the gym, but now
I look forward to a training session as she really has helped change my perception
on health and fitness and I know now that this is a lifelong commitment.

I started personal training as I wanted to lose weight and get fit. I have now
lost 10kg/1.6 Stone and my body fat has reduced by about 15%. In the
last 6 months of training sessions, I have burnt around 36,000 calories
(Around 4.5kg/10Ib of Fat)! My fitness has greatly improved and I have gone
from struggling with sessions in the beginning to now seeing them as more of a
challenge. I always leave a session with Michelle feeling like I have achieved a lot.
In January I decided to take up running as a complete beginner and initially struggled
to run for 1 minute on the treadmill and now, from Michelle's help, 4 months later
I can now run 7k/4.3miles in just under an hour.

Michelle is a great motivator. I feel she has lots of confidence in my abilities, and
when I feel doubtful about doing a particular exercise she is quick to reassure I
can do it, and I always can! From this my confidence has grown too and I am now
happy to do exercises which in the beginning I would have felt unconfident to try.

I have never had the same session twice and always feel like she plans and tailors
my workout to suit me. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and I have learnt
so much about how the body works with respects to metabolism, building muscle
and burning fat. Even though I have reached my main goal of losing weight and
getting fit I can't see me giving up training with Michelle.

I can't recommend personal training with Michelle enough - she is Brilliant!

Stacey Breddle
2017-04-15, 19:11
From the first moment I met Kes I knew I was in safe hands.

He meticulously analysed every aspect of my lifestyle, my diet, eating habits,
stress triggers, and existing fitness.

He then developed a personal programme which built on and improved all these areas.

Six months on, I no longer have a bloated stomach. I have dropped a dress size and
am fitter, healthier and happier than I have ever been. It is the personal
touches which put Kes in a different class to other personal trainers such as the
motivating text message the morning after a hard workout. Kes is such fun;
he is always cheerful during our sessions.

Training with Kes is never a chore in fact it is a privilege.
My weekly personal training sessions are the best investment and choice
I have made in a long time.

Sean Furlong
2017-04-15, 19:10
"I've had the honour of knowing Kes from our days together at university.

We have trained together countless times and he always got the best out of
me, and himself! Kes's passion, understanding and knowledge of health,
training and well being are simply unique, unparalleled! He is unlike any
personal trainer I've worked with in that he actually analysed my lifestyle
in-line with enabling me to improve my movement and make me a healthier and
happier person! Kes is not just a health expert, he's an innovator, a motivator
and a trusted friend. Spend half an hour with him, it'll be a revelation!"

Sharon Tailor
2017-04-15, 19:09
It’s entirely fair to say that the transformation in my shape and fitness levels is
down to Kes. Without Kes, the truth is that my motivation to exercise would be zero.
Knowing that he will be there at my side encouraging, explaining, smiling, hiding
(when he knows it’s one of the exercises I don’t exactly relish but which is definitely
good for me); not forgetting the quiet but continuous monitoring of form, posture
and breathing, and the confidence he instils in me to achieve-it’s a winning
combination. Kes in turn knows that his day would be bereft without my jokes!

A winning team!

Keath Holden
2017-04-15, 19:09
It is no exaggeration to say that Kes has changed my life have lost in excess
of 5kg over the last 7 months and my friends would have laughed at me if
said I was going to run for half an hour without stopping, now it’s no problem.

Faisal Dharr
2017-04-15, 19:08
Nearly two years ago my eating and drinking habits were horrendous and I did
no exercise whatsoever. I found every excuse under the sun not to go to the gym.

My brother introduced me to Kes to get into shape. For somebody who avoided exercising
I found myself looking forward to our training sessions within a few weeks.

He very quickly was able to understand what I was capable of doing and what
I wasn't and put together a diet programme that I could actually keep to.

I think the most impressive thing about Kes is that he knows his stuff. He tells me
not only what we are doing, but educates me as to the benefits and the reasoning
behind it. He is very scientific and is constantly looking to improve his knowledge.

I have complete trust in Kes and couldn't ask for a better trainer.

I am proud to know him and would recommend him to everyone.

Michelle Louise
2017-04-15, 19:05
Working with Kes has been a brilliant experience. His positive, encouraging
and approachable style provides endless motivation and has enabled me to
reach levels of fitness and flexibility that had not seemed possible previously.

His innovative approach to Personal Training means that he really listens to
what you want to achieve and provides a programme that enables you to do
this by trying new things. This has given me confidence in my abilities,
challenges me to take on more and provides a level of interest that can be
sometimes lacking in exercise.

I can not recommend him highly enough.

Michelle Louise