The ultimate in functional training, using Speed Agility and Quickness Techniques! Specialist exercises to build explosive power for sports or recreation Develop the optimum neuromuscular system for your body to develop balance, co-ordination & prevent injuries These techniques are so effective that they are used by National and International Sports Teams and British Military Forces


Health & Rehabilitation


Exercise that adapts to you Reduce pain & prevent re-injury Continual postural assessment - and adaptive exercise to develop optimum posture slow the deterioration of conditions like Arthritis, Parkinson's Disease & Multiple Sclerosis




Progressive training based on your ability, skills and fitness level Expect to lose up to 10% of your waist measurement in 8 weeks! Feel the difference in under 2 weeks




We specialise in...







A fat burning focus, a full-bodied workout and an exciting variety of body-toning exercises. Get ready for a new you and an increase in random compliments





A winning formula of exercises that generate a noticeable increase in lean muscles, resulting in superior conditioning and an eye-catching physique






Uplifting exercises to promote a healthy body, strong heart and overall well-being. Prepare for an injection of energy and ability to tackle life’s physical challenges






A dynamic mix of circuit and interval training designed to create a super-fit body that will take you past your physical limits to new personal bests






 More then just running and reps!


More then just running and weight training, the fitness programmes will use your own body to train itself in a healthy, balanced and natural way. The way the body was designed to work.



Take control with a flexible approach

 Flexible training to compliment, not dominate your lifestyle. Take control of your life by doing a 30 minute training programme in your lunch break.


 A holistic approach


By seamlessly combining traditional training methods with sports therapy and Pilates we deliver your results in a fun, balanced and effective way.