Act Fit was born from an aspiration to help people achieve the body they desire with the support and guidance of professionally trained fitness experts.

Exercise helps you Tone, Firm, Sculpt and strengthens  your muscles, Lose Body Fat and may lead to increased energy levels. With Act Fit Professional Fitness Training you could achieve all this and more while having fun along the way.

Our team of experts are members of the Register of Exercise Professionals, fully qualified, and share our passion of helping you achieve your fitness goals.

              • Are you struggling to lose that extra weight and fat around your waist?
              • Are you frustrated trying to get those ‘ripped’ abs and arms that everyone else has?
              • Are you having trouble staying motivated with the same old exercise routines that a gym instructor showed you that hasn't given the results that you hoped for?
              • Are you struggling to pack on muscle and size?
              • Are you having problems with flagging energy levels and lack of strength?


In as little as ONLY 4 Weeks, you could:

    • Look good and feel great all the time and just in time for the holidays!
    • Finally burn body fat and KEEP IT OFF!
    • Get those rock-hard abs you've been dreaming of!
    • Reshape and sculpt your body to get lean, defined muscles!
    • Lose inches off your waist, stomach and other problem areas!
    • Boost Your Metabolism so you will burn fat 24hrs a day!